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These are the programs that match the search criteria you selected. This office's recommended programs are displayed in the top grouping. Your full results are in the second grouping, and all programs sponsored by outside providers are listed in expandable sections at the bottom of this page. Click on a program name to go to the program's brochure page.
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CSU Programs
CSU Programs
Program Name City Country Region Save/Share
* Integrated Social and Ecological Field Methods in Kenya (Summer) Samburu Kenya Africa
* Community Education & Health in Zambia (Summer) Livingstone Zambia Africa
* Food, Culture, and the Environment in the Mediterranean (Summer) Rabat Morocco Africa
* Wildlife Medicine in Africa (Summer) Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Africa
* Arts & Culture in South Africa (Summer) Grahamstown South Africa Africa
Cape Town South Africa Africa
Johannesburg South Africa Africa
* Land Change Science Field School in Vietnam (Summer) Hanoi Vietnam Asia
* Hospitality and Tourism in Thailand (Summer) Chiang Mai Thailand Asia
Bangkok Thailand Asia
* Social Work in India (Summer) Verul India Asia
Ahmednagar India Asia
Jamkhed India Asia
Mumbai India Asia
Pune India Asia
* Cinema, Culture, and History in South Korea (Summer) Seoul South Korea Asia
* Art in Japan (Summer) Tokyo Japan Asia
* Japanese Language and Culture in Kagawa, Japan (Summer) (Exchange) Kagawa Japan Asia
* Spiritual Practices in Thailand (Summer) Bangkok Thailand Asia
Chiang Mai Thailand Asia
* Dolphin Behavior & Physiology in Honduras (Winter Break, Summer) Roatan Honduras Central America
* DAAD RISE (Research Internships in Science and Engineering) Multiple Sites Germany Europe
* Roman History in Italy (Summer) Rome Italy Europe
* Comparative Legal Studies in Italy (Summer) Florence Italy Europe
* Communication in Rome (Summer) Rome Italy Europe
* Marketing at Harlaxton, England (Summer) Harlaxton United Kingdom Europe
* Communication Studies in Spain (Summer) Murcia Spain Europe
* Sustainable Energy Futures in Denmark (Summer) Copenhagen Denmark Europe
* Food, Culture, and the Environment in the Mediterranean (Summer) Granada Spain Europe
* Culinary Tourism in Italy (Summer) Cortona Italy Europe
Cortana Italy Europe
Florence Italy Europe
* Leading High Performance Teams in Portugal (Summer) Lisbon Portugal Europe
* International Journalism in Italy Urbino Italy Europe
* Art in Italy (summer, semester) Florence Italy Europe
* World War II in Europe (Summer) Caen France Europe
London United Kingdom Europe
Normandy France Europe
Paris France Europe
Portsmouth United Kingdom Europe
* Summer in Oxford, England Oxford United Kingdom Europe
* Camino Abroad: Spanish Language and Culture in Spain (Summer) Santiago de Compostela Spain Europe
Zaragoza Spain Europe
Pamplona Spain Europe
* International Internship Program - Valencia, Spain Valencia Spain Europe
* Prague University of Economics and Business, Central and East European Studies Program (CESP) - Prague, Czech Republic (Semester & Summer) Prague Czech Republic Europe
* Landscape Architecture in Italy & France (Summer) Multiple Sites France Europe
Multiple Sites Italy Europe
* PURPAN Agriculture and Food Science Summer Program - Toulouse, France (Exchange) Toulouse France Europe
* University of Limerick - Limerick, Ireland (Semester, Summer) (Exchange) Limerick Ireland Europe
* Criminology and Criminal Justice in Prague (Summer) Prague Czech Republic Europe
* Theatre & the Arts in the United Kingdom (Summer) Edinburgh United Kingdom Europe
London United Kingdom Europe
* International Internship Program - Dublin, Ireland Dublin Ireland Europe
* University of Exeter - Exeter, England, UK (Semester, Summer) (Exchange) Exeter United Kingdom Europe
* Marine Ecotourism in The Bahamas (Summer) Nassau Bahamas Latin America
* Environmental Public Health in Mexico (Summer) Todos Santos Mexico Latin America
* International Internship Program - New Zealand Multiple Sites New Zealand Oceania
* Prosthetic Innovation in Ecuador (Summer) Quito Ecuador South America
Quito Ecuador South America
* Community and Cultural Engagement in Ecuador (Business) Quito Ecuador South America
Quito Ecuador South America
Banos Ecuador South America
Cuenca Ecuador South America
Guayaquil Ecuador South America
Ingapirca Ecuador South America
Otavalo Ecuador South America
Riobamba Ecuador South America
* Conservation Leadership Through Learning (CLTL) Independent Option Multiple Worldwide Worldwide
** Research, Internship, or Service Learning for Transfer Credit Multiple Worldwide Worldwide
** Research, Internship, Service Learning, or Independent Study for Department Credit Multiple Worldwide Worldwide
** Unaffiliated Program or Direct Enrollment at a Foreign Institution Multiple Worldwide Worldwide

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